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Recently, my sister was recognized as a playwright by Palm Beach County. Her play, Bruises Beneath, was selected out of thousands to be performed at a local theatre and she was granted a check for $250 and her play will be published professionally.

The night was filled with exuberant parents and friends cheering on all of the winners. My sister’s play went on as the sixth play of the night, where the story described a high school student who was in an abusive relationship. The play focused on gender stereotypes and how men ‘can’t’ be abused because ‘that’s just not how it works’. The story was a strong dialogue between two cheerleaders who were experiencing effects from relationship stereotypes.

I was extremely proud of my sister for writing such a powerful and social-politic topic that brought hope for many who have experienced abuse. For more information about her play, here’s what they have to say:

“Palm Beach Dramaworks introduces our Young Playwrights Ten-Minute Play Contest and festival! Our goal is to introduce the joy of writing for the live theatre to young people and to give teens a creative voice in expressing their thoughts and ideas. Our program encourages students to write about subjects that are meaningful to them and to give you the educator tools to incorporate playwriting into your theatre or language arts classrooms. Detailed lesson plans and helpful resources are found below.”

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